To get a better understanding of insurance and what cover will best suit your needs, we've provided some real-life descriptions of clients situations and what we provided to help them protect themselves, their family and their property.

If you've got diabetes and been told insurance is a waste of time, this is not necessarily the case.

Rodger came to us to review his insurance needs after returning from working overseas. He had diabetes.

Greg was age 50 and had cancer in his medical history and no existing insurance cover when he came to us to review his insurance planning. He was thinking it might be difficult to get life insurance cover, we had a chat about his situation and determined that the only way to find out was to ask.

Anthony came to us after buying his first house to put cover in place to protect himself for his mortgage.  About six months later we got a call from Anthony and we met with him at his hospital bed side to catch up on why he was there.