These three types of property insurance are the most familiar. House Insurance is about the property you own. Contents Insurance is about the possessions you have within your home or possession. Car insurance is about your motor vehicle, specifically the car you own/drive.

House Insurance

House insurance, easy right? Not so much.

Are you covered for market value or full replacement? Market value may mean you end up with only ½ a house when you rebuild from a complete loss. You need to double check.

How long is your current policy going to last if you need to find alternate accommodation for 6 months or more while your house is rebuilt?

Contents Insurance

Only got $40,000? Is that enough to cover your lounge and kitchen after considering carpets and drapes? What about the rest of the house?

Insurance levies on contents insurance are loaded on your base cover, you can often double your cover at much less than double your premium. Do you rent and have no contents cover? Want to avoid paying to rebuild the house you're in because you made a mistake?

Ensure you have enough contents cover to cover you for your liability and avoid having to pay for the house you accidentally raised, unlike students renting in a flat who found themselves in this position. Talk to us today!

Car Insurance

Car insurance, it's all the same right?


  • Do you have the right to pick your repairer?
  • Do you get a rental while it's being repaired?
  • Do you get new for old if you purchased a new car recently?
  • Do you use your car for work and have advised your insurer that you do?

If you answered no to any of these a chat with us might be worth you while!