Most people understand property insurance as insurance against fire, theft or physical loss of property.  It is often referred to as 'Fire and General' insurance.

Have you thought of, or considered, the financial impact of loss of everything in your home due to accident or fire? People build up belongings over time so often make the mistake of thinking that they are worth less than they really are. Having to replace everything, all at once, can be extremely expensive – this is why you need to insure it.

The bank will require that you have House Insurance – at the very least – when you get a mortgage. It is also extremely important you insure your other possessions such as household contents and car.

Property insurance is based on your physical, personal or business items and possessions.

These three types of property insurance are the most familiar. House Insurance is about the property you own. Contents Insurance is about the possessions you have within your home or possession. Car insurance is about your motor vehicle, specifically the car you own/drive.

For these types of vehicles, insurers need to ask a few extra questions. The risks are different to a traditional car.

If you own one of these items, specific insurance for them is recommended.

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