Business Assurance is different to Business Insurance which is about insuring business property and equipment.

Business Assurance is about insuring your human resources. Often the primary concern for business owners is realising the value of the investment in time and money to make their business successful and the revenue generated from this success.

Succession planning for shareholders is an important consideration for business continuity. What happens in a death or permanent disability situation? Will you end up in business with your business partner's life partner? This is often the case where the exit plan was thought about too late.

The flipside also applies, if something happens to you, will your loved ones be put in the position of running your company when all they want out of it is the value you created? OK that might sound a bit cold, lets put it another way, does your loved one have the skills and desire to replace you in your business? If the answer is no then we would like to talk to you about how you manage succession in your business.

Are you a sole trader and don't have a business partner or team member to succeed the business to? Have you considered succession to a competitor? We can assist with this too.

Key Person Protection - an element of your business continuity planning focused on those individuals who are key to your business' success.