This can mean many things to different people. In basic terms, this is about having the financial resources available in a situation to weather a loss until your business gets back on it's feet.

This can be approached in two ways; Events which impact on the physical equipment and buildings your business has, the second are events which have an impact on the people in your business. We will discuss the people aspect here and the physical property in our business property section.

When you look around your workplace what do you see? People! People you rely on to get things done in your business, this includes you!

What happens if they/you aren't there?

Business Continuity of a personal nature is about having the financial resources available to replace revenue in the event of disability of an income producing team member. This could be through a traumatic event where the team member is off work for some time or off work forever. We can assist with identifying these risks and help you address them in an appropriate way.

This is an approach and an attitude developed in your business that we can assist with. Christchurch since 2010 has brought this into a clearer focus for all. There isn't a single answer to this but more a plan that suits you, your business and your financial resources.

We can assist with the coordination of the professionals who can help you. But the back stop to any plan will be the financial resources available to execute it. Business Continuation and Loss of Revenue contracts immediately come to mind for the situation of external events which impact on your business.

By coordinating this aspect in your business we can ensure we have the right financial support available to you, in the form of insurance, to see you through.

Christchurch is an extreme case, but more close to home are fires and theft. We have had a number of fires recently which have meant the business concerned has to either rebuild or the businesses next door have had to shut-down or relocate while repairs are done.

Talk to us about how you could minimise your financial impact.